About Us

Framestore’s Visual Development Department is a unique and exciting evolution of the company’s services. Our recognition of the growing demand for conceptual and development work led to the establishment of our own, stand-alone Visual Development team. This highly skilled and creative group is available to all external and internal Productions. Its aim is simple: to enable you to fully visualise your project.

Martin Macrae spearheads this team. His years of experience as an in-house supervisor and his first-hand knowledge of the VFX Post-Production process bring numerous benefits to any project we undertake. Our team of concept artists and concept modelers often work on all the individual images in tandem allowing the images to benefit from the ideas of numerous artists and their techniques.

The Framestore Visual Development team welcomes every opportunity to assist you with the creation and design of your project. The VFX Production team is always on hand to provide any necessary project bids or shot breakdowns to accompany this work.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further information.

Martin.Macrae@framestore.com: Head of Art Department
Brandon.Norris@framestore.com: Production Manager


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